Two Amusing Comedy Videos

The first is a hilarious recitation of Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable” from Cute With Chris:

The second is one of several funny videos from Halifax comedy group Picnic Face:

Why is house music such an enormously fat target for satire?

I heard about Picnic Face while listening to the podcast version of Q, the CBC’s new daily culture show (or, as the show’s web page puts it, an “astounding daily aural scavenger hunt”) hosted by that CBC dude with the exotic name. Er, the other guy. No, not him, either.


  1. Chris’s version of a T-Pain song was getting him noticed on Youtube. Even T-Pain liked it. I think this Beyonce, uh, “tribute” may have been the first of them (there’s also “Glamorous” by Fergie).

    Did you ever see the movie “The Hanging Garden”? Chris was the star of that. Also had Sarah Polley.

  2. I did see that movie, but hadn’t placed him. I see that he was also in “Slings and Arrows” last year. Another Canadian comedian makes good.

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