In Praise of Rouxbe

Julie's a Cookin'A couple of weeks ago, thanks to Christine, I discovered Rouxbe, a great-looking recipe site with really slick videos. More importantly, I showed it to the chef and gourmand in our family, Julie.

She signed up for the trial membership, and remarked that Rouxbe’s was “the most graceful sign up process I’ve ever seen.” Subsequently I’ve been the lucky recipient of several Rouxbe-powered meals. Tonight we had pan-fried dott (possibly the Maltese word for ‘halibut’) with a cilantro orange cumin dressing and rockin’ Moroccan couscous.

A while back I watched a Rouxbe video to learn the correct method of shelling (shucking? skinning?) prawns. I was super-impressed by the broadcast quality of the videos–it’s some of the best I’ve seen on the web.

You can’t embed their videos (which isn’t ideal nor surprising, as they’re widescreen), but I did find this little trailer on YouTube:

Julie’s sold, and is going to sign up for a year’s subscription. 15% of the US $49 yearly fee goes to feed children in developing nations. Don’t have the forty-nine bucks? They’ll try and find you a sponsor:

It works like this. You tell us what interests you have in the food and culinary world. We try and match you up with a sponsoring company that will pay your way on Rouxbe…

But wait, isn’t this just an ad? Here’s the difference. There are no large or expanding banner ads, no 15 or 30 second ads before or during the content and no pop-ups on Rouxbe. Remember, at Rouxbe the food is the celebrity. This will never change. We promise. Sponsors get to put their logo on the page and are able to provide links to their offerings, but our goal is that these links will be contextual to you and will never interfere with your cooking experience on Rouxbe.

Hey Rouxbe, if you need someone to help you with blogger outreach and online marketing, drop us a line. You’re the sort of company we love to work for.


  1. I wonder what Pavlov called his dogs … I’m asking because I was drooling after watching that promo and it’s still a coupe of hours until dinner. A most interesting find — thanks, Darren.

  2. Darren,: good…. em… job– Now, how are you doing with Rouxbe? Give an example for yourself not your “chef and gourmand”… I’m sure the food is good but how did you get on with it DB?

  3. Glad to hear that you love Rouxbe as much as we do. Make sure to try the coconut prawns and the almond coriander chicken. They are both excellent.

  4. Chris: My vital contribution as sous chef is usually cleaning everything up, and cooking low-demand meals like pizza, pasta and chicken burgers. Happily, Julie really likes cooking, and I don’t, so it works out well.

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  6. Darren, fair enough. Thanks for the recomendation by the way. I’m liking Rouxbe already.

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