Sci-Fi Channel Does Blogger Outreach

Via Kate, I read about how the Sci-Fi Channel invited a bunch of bloggers and digital journalists to Vancouver for a week of set tours and panels with casts and crews for the five shows that are shot locally.

“You expect to see cameras at these things, but to see all these people with their laptops open, blogging live from the events — it was a completely different use of media than I’ve ever seen,” said Dave Howe, Sci-fi Channel exec VP-general manager.

The only show I know anything about is Battlestar Galactica. We’re currently working our way through season three, so keep your fracking spoilers to yourselves, please.

In any case, I did some quick searches and turned up a bunch of reports from TV Squad, including a set tour report and a video of the cast and crew panel (Jamie Bamber may be a looker, but he’s got one poncy accent. That said, his accent work is excellent.).

The press tour was organized by New Media Strategies. One thing they could have done better was to create a little microsite that aggregates all of the blogger’s content–photos, audio, video, blog posts–in one place. That way readers of any one attending blogger could easily access the content created by the other attendees. If they did create one, they needed to make it more findable.

It’s been my experience that when marketing people put on events for bloggers, they think exclusively of the event itself, not about the (more important, because they last much longer) digital artifacts that live on afterward.

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