Three Trailers: Two Musicals and a Suicide Bomber

Living on an island with only one movie theatre (now playing: Blades of Glory, coming soon: Spiderman 3) has reduced my interest in movie news. Happily, Gillian posted links to a bunch of movies trailers. The three that most interested me were:

  • Across the Universe – I’d seen this one before, and once again it struck me as Forrest Gump meets Molin Rouge. Julie Taymor has some serious art-house cred, so I’m optimistic.
  • Once – A musical set in Dublin, starring the (instantly charming, I think) Glen Hansard of the Frames. Looks like an Irish Before Sunrise, and it made me pine a little for the dirty ol’ town.
  • Day Night Day Night – An accentless girl prepares to become a suicide bomber. Her target is Times Square. It’s a gritty, remarkable-looking film.


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