Send Tom Your Used Stamps and Soda-Can Tabs

Tom tells a touching story about his grandmother, who’s recently moved into an assisted living home:

One of the things she had to give-up with her loss of independence is something I’m hoping you can help me with: She used to collect used stamps and soda-can “tabs” to send to the BC Guide Dogs Society. She displays a picture of a Guide Dog that the money made from her used stamps and soda-can tabs helped to train. It’s already sad that she shares a room with two other women who are basically catatonic, and the loss of this ability to contribute to one of her favorite charities just exacerbates an already crummy situation.

Tom’s trying to gather all the used stamps and soda-can tabs he can by the end of the month:

Cut-out the top right-hand corner of your envelopes that you receive and send them to me along with any soda-can tabs. Mail them to me at 45 Dunlevy Ave, Suite 230A Vancouver, BC V6A 3A3

If I can collect enough of them by July 31st, 2007, there’s a good chance that the folks at BC Guide Dog Society might bring one of their dogs to my Gramma’s care home for a visit with her and all of the other residents.

What a nice, charming, ‘think locally’ story. Go forth and send Tom your junk. I’d help, but I get no mail in Malta, and my soda comes in cool retro bottles.

Incidentally, am I the only one wondering how used stamps and soda-can tabs are converted into cash? Tom called the BC Guide Dogs Society, and they apparently make $1000 off of them.

Speaking of dogs and charity, I also wanted to mention Jen and her friendly, hospital-visiting canine.


  1. The only thing I get snail mail is bills, with their bulk mail stamp printed on the envelope or a postage meter stamp. Are those of any use?

  2. I guess it would be more useful if I followed the link you gave to his post and asked that there…

    must get more sleep…..

  3. Going through some of the archives of the BC Guide Dogs society indicates that the pull tabs are sent on to the Ladner Lions club who then recycles them for cash (presumably to a scrap metal yard of some sort although I don’t imagine that the price of scrap aluminum is all that high so it must take a lot of pull tabs to make even a couple of bucks).

    As for the used stamps, apparently they’re bundled up and sold to dealers and collectors (who I guess would then sort through them and hunt for any nuggets).

    In short, this does appear to be a legitimate way to get money.

  4. I’ve been compulsively saving our stamps here in Malta for the last couple of years and I had about a dozen or so. Until yesterday, I had no idea what to do with them. Today the stamps are on the way to BC. Thanks!

  5. First off, thanks Darren for posting this.
    Second, I just called the society again and they said they welcome all stamps anywhere in the world.

    I was pretty skeptical that this was a welcome or useful activity for the society but even an extra $1,000 for a small charity like them is very welcome and put to good use.

    I hope to be receiving your guys’ junk!



  6. Are you still collecting stamps. I have collected used stamps for over 30 years, sending them to various charities in England. Now that I have moved to BC, I would like to continue.

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