Harbour Air Comes to Malta

Boarding SeaplaneI was perusing the newspaper today, and happened upon an article about a new seaplane service that will operate between Mgarr harbour on Gozo and Valetta on the main island of Malta. This piqued my interest, as it would reduce our travel time between home and Valetta (near Malta’s international airport) from about three hours to less than one.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that I’d already used this company’s service, back in BC:

Operated by Canadian company Harbour Air Seaplanes, the aircraft is initially planning to run five round trips a day from the Waterfront to Mgarr harbour. Flying time is around 20 minutes.

The aircraft will be landing outside the harbours and taxiing in like a boat to moor alongside a pontoon. The 14 passengers will pay Lm15 [about CAN $50] for a one-way trip.

What are the odds? According to HarbourAirMalta.com, they’ve got a first-time-flyer discounted rate of Lm12. Do I qualify, having flown with them a number of times around BC’s islands?


  1. They also do some work in Greece. They’re a pretty good local success story.

    Darren, I’ll connect you to my friend Jamie, who works there. Maybe they can do some PR with you…

  2. Interestingly, I just spoke to Gareth Morgan this afternoon and he landed a job with Harbour Air today. He gave me advice for Shaneen to fly from Nanaimo to Richmond (South Terminal Vancouver Airport) when she returns to New York from our Parksville family reunion. He says they are an excellent company.

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