Plastic Surgeons Hot and Bothered About G-Spot Augmentation

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the newest plastic surgery on the market is a, uh, shot to your g-spot. Somewhat mundanely, they call it the ‘g-shot’:

By 4 p.m. she sat inside Dr. Justin Salerno’s office, readying to become the surgeon’s first patient to receive an injection called a G-Shot, also known as G-spot Amplification. With a 3 1/2-inch needle, Salerno would pump a small dose of collagen into his patient’s Grafenberg Spot and make it swell to the size of a quarter…

The procedure, which has been performed on approximately 250 women nationally in the past two years at a cost of $1,850 each, appealed to Roberts because she felt life’s rigmarole had left her fatigued by the end of the day, hardly in an amorous mood. Even when she felt the surge of excitement, reaching an orgasm was a time-consuming endeavor that took more effort and energy than she and her husband had to offer.

Well, that’s a bit of a sad commentary on one’s work-life balance, isn’t it? And the subject of the article is only 22 years old. The, uh, climax of the article reports that things went well when she took her new collagen injection for a test run:

Just as she hoped, she could reach climax within a few minutes, and with little effort.

“Just like a man,” she said.

I really wanted to come up with a great, punny title for this post, but I failed miserably. Who can do better?


  1. Alice’s suggestion is quite funny though your title made me do a double take. Wow. I’m not sure exactly how I feel about this. On the one hand it’s kind of interesting and on the other…well, it’s just plain weird.

  2. I feel the need to make some crack about the likelihood of males (even male plastic surgeons) being able to *find* the G-spot, let alone do surgery on it. But I won’t, because I’m polite.

  3. A friend of mine persuaded me to do a “G-Shot” and I’m glad I did. She was enjoying more orgasms more often now and wished she hadn’t waited until 30 to do it. At 35, I certainly didn’t want to have the same regret. I was going in for a breast augmentation and lipo anyway, so I did it. I wanted to feel more sexual and have the orgasms again that I remembered. It worked.
    It only took a few minutes and was painless. The procedure enlarges the G-spot so it can be readily and easily stimulated. Anything sliding in and out of me will set me off without even trying, whether it’s my husbands penis, a finger, or my vibrator (which I have more of now). It helps me come strong and multiple times and I crave sex now. In fact, mine protrudes enough to rub against the opposing vaginal wall. This means I can get aroused simply by twisting or shaking my pelvis. Dancing has a whole new dimension for me now. Yoga and jogging arouses me so much I often can’t help but masturbate immediately afterward. Like my G-spot, my sexual urge has also grown inside me. I used to be able to put off the urge and wait for my husband but the urge to orgasm is so strong I just have to have it. I recommend it whether you have a male lover, female lover, multiple lovers, or no lover at all. It you want to be more sexual and enjoy more orgasms, than do it.


    1. As there have not been any offical medical publications on the topic (partly due to the reluctant colleagues who see a sort of competition), as a physician, I’d like to know how long did it last, if you repeated the procedure or had any major side effects. Otherwise, if injected hyaluronic acid into lips is quite acceptable why not injected into vaginal mucosa? Thanx for reply!

  4. Wow, I’m in! I didn’t know anything about this until I watch an episode of NipTuck and they did one on a patient. I thought they were kidding till I look it up and now I am so excited! I am 53 years old and even though I am very sexual I have had trouble all of my life not taking what seems like hours to have an orgasms with someone or on my own. I always thought it was all in my head or too much noise or the lights were too bright, you know what i mean. So I am going to look into this further and get in for a “shot”. I will cum back and share my results with you all

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