Send Love Derek’s Way

If you’re the praying sort, send prayers. If you’re the non-praying sort, send, I don’t know, good vibes. Derek got some really crappy news, and he and his family could use your support:

To boil it down: my cancer has grown and spread. My goals now are to see the Winter Olympics come to Vancouver in 2010, and beyond that to renew my driver’s license when it expires again in five years. But while my medical team and I will do everything to try to make that happen, there is a significant chance I might not live that long, that I might be dead before five years are up.

Be strong, dude.


  1. Lots of love to you and your family… and good vibes… really healthy ones.

    Just stumbled across your page from researching Second Life, and finding your First Life parody – which needs to be much longer – with lots more pages because it is fab!

    Keep fighting the big C and turn it into a little c until it disappears. From one Vancouverite, to another.

  2. Hello Derek,
    Yes that is crappy news, and it is hard not to identify with such news. It seems so natural to feel negative and depressed and to feel angry and ripped off. Also to feel a distrust in the ability to heal, whether this be a distrust of medical method, your body for not so far self healing or the universe for not being a more perfect long range promising place for you.
    I have a couple of ideas you could try. They have worked for me so far, and here I am !
    They are all about imagining love. Do them in any order whenever you have a sad, worried or negative feeling.
    Think to yourself, ” I AM LOVE.” You are actually. You only have to suspend your disbelief in this and IF it should be believed by your self and felt throughout your body it will. Do this a lot. Don’t allow your constructed society answering inner personage to voice objections. Break on through. ( The theory here is that as the first law of metaphysics is that perfect love drives out fear all the negative kinesiological vibes that have built up in your body will self correct. This allows the healing energy in your meridians to flow. Sounds weird? However it works it DOES.)
    Imagine that around you in the air is a sort of healing ether. When you breathe in you breath that healing gas in. All the way to your toes. It travels easily through you resting and healing along the way. To even your heart and your eyes (and through them to rest on everything you see. ) To the site of your uncomprehending cells (the cancer ones )(forgive them, they know not what they do. ) Send them particular love as that is THE energy that is involved whenever healing happens, be it emotional or physical.( The two could just be related. Let’s take a risk and just believe that as fully as we want for just as long as we want.) Moving right along eventually we get to the stage that we breathe out. Giving thanks for our health we send out with the breath all the anger, sadness or tension we are fed up with personifying with. Just bit by bit. It is a process that will reveal different harvests at different moments. An oak tree wasn’t grown in a day.
    Thank for your perfect health and peace of mind. (Just thank the universe if that feels good. God’s too big for just one religion.) It is not at all as effective to hope for a cure. Hope has a little shadow beside it. In thanking wholly we empower on every level healing to fulfill our expectation. This is good. It works. It is like saying grace and can be done on any level. The pattern of your life as you see and believe in it will be fulfilled. See yourself running in with the baton for the 50th anniversary of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Thank for that truth. Whatever you truly want.
    Like youself. Be pleased to know you. Don’t be apologetic for needing support. It is such an opportunity for others in helping you to make love a priority in their lives and this enriches everything.
    Imagine a soft yellow light about 5cms thick travelling from your left ankle around you, all the way up pst your armpit and fingers and to the top of your head, down to your right foot and up joining after travelling down the inner left leg. At every point you sense healing is wanted double it’s thickness. Wow remote control. Flow light – kaboom.
    Remember to believe yourself. Trust your instincts. When these methods with your other treatments are showing a real diminishment of cancer cells, trust the process. Some months or years later your doctor’s insurers will oblige them to offer more chemo or radiotherapy. At this stage that sort of insurance is too much stress for your peaceful, re-educated selfhealing body. Trust yourself tokeep clear. You are love.
    Yours sincerely, Charlotte King.
    PS I am love..

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