Little Widget Test and Boring Site Note

I saw this over on Raincoaster’s blog, and wanted to give it a quick spin:

page counter

Handy for a blog, less handy for a site that’s a blog plus a bunch of static pages. Speaking of static pages, I wanted to mention that I’ve finally gotten the Hall of Technical Documentation Weirdness back up to complete capacity, after a long and tedious change-over to Gallery 2.0. There’s only three new exhibits, but you can see them at the beginning of the complete list of 105.

The Hall’s full of comment spam, but we’re in the midst of deleting all that and implementing a captcha.

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  1. Thanks for the link. Yes, I’m fond of that little widget. I always wonder just who those people are. (FYI it counts the blog owner as well; I’m not used to that over at WordPress)

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