What’s in Our Fridge

KA emailed, and wants to know what’s in our fridge. Here it is:

What's in Our Fridge

Nothing too extraordinary, except that watermelon season seems to have started and they’re dirt cheap. What else…some Cisk beer (which rhymes with ‘frisk’, which is apparently the Maltese word for ‘fresh’), nectarines, cherries, some leftover olives, Diet Coke, gazpacho, and some condensed milk, which Julie’s been putting in her coffee lately (a habit learned, I think, from my South African step-mother).

KA also wants to know what’s in your fridge. There’s a Flickr photo group to which you can add your fridge.


  1. ask Julie to have the condensed milk ready for my arrival in September. An excellent way to enjoy coffee.

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