Machinima From Malta

A while ago I wrote about the story of Faith, Hope and Charity, three bi-planes who protected Malta from the Italian air force in the early days of World War II. Bob came by to point me toward a machinima film of the same name:

This film highlights the early phase of that conflict as it follows the lives of three RAF pilots: George Burges, John Waters and Timber Woods. These pilots flew Gloster Sea Gladiator biplanes in the heroic defense of the island against more modern Italian fighters and bombers. In all, about six Gladiators were involved in the fighting–some were cannibalized for parts–but only three could ever be scrambled for a single sortie.

I watched some of the hour-long film, and it’s really quite good. In particular, I was really impressed by the cinematography and sound work. The voice acting wasn’t terrific, but I’ve heard much worse in amateur and fan-made projects.

Does anybody know what game they used? I asked Bob, but I haven’t heard back.


  1. excellent flick. i believe the game they used was IL-2 Sturmovik – an ubisoft game from a few years back.

  2. Hi.

    I am one of the guys who made that film. The game was not IL2 Sturmovick but a later game called Forgotten Battles also made by 1C Maddox Games.

    I agree the acting was wooden and it was a big mistake to use our own voices, we should have at least tried to find someone with minimal experiance.

    Thanks for the comments, I am glad you enjoyed the film.

    James Thorpe

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