Your Guide to an Irish Fry-Up

The Irish love their fried breakfast, typically referred to as ‘a fry-up’ or ‘rashers and eggs’. Internationally, it’s called ‘heart attack before noon’. I never learned to love the Irish breakfast, with its tomatoes, runny eggs, baked beans and, irk, blood sausage.

Because there’s a blog about everything, now there’s a blog (courtesy of Neatorama) dedicated to reviewing fry-ups at Dublin-area restaurants. Here’s the accompanying Flickr photo set.

From a recent review of Cafe Moda in Rathmines:

The breakfast had scrambled eggs rather than my preference – fried, but there was an ample quantity. Along with the egg were two sausages, a very ham like rasher, a few slices of tomato and beans. On the side there was a slice of toasted bread cut in half. The menu said two slices of toast, but what came was one slice of bread cut in half.

Two bloggy notes to the site authors: get thyselves some permalinks, and give us a page which lists all the restaurants and their review ratings. You could do this cheap and cheerfully using a public spreadsheet from Google Docs and Spreadsheets.

Longtime readers may recall when I had a fry-up with the President of Ireland.


  1. The ‘Ulster Fry’ has to be the best tho – we get Potato Farl, Soda bread and a small pancake on ours, not just silly white bread – fried of course, not toasted!

    for veges like me, all the meat is dropped in favor of mushrooms, hash brown and maybe a vege sausage if the cafe is particularly good.


    It’s the best hangover cure ever!!

  2. Ah, I love a good fry-up in the morning once in a while (not to be eaten daily for obvious health reasons!). One of the best things about staying in a B & B (Bed & Breakfast) in Ireland or the UK is the breakfast in the morning and a big cup of tea. Love that review site, I’ll be checking out those venues 😉

  3. Very good points on the permalinks, but give me time. I am codign everythign myself rather than using a blog engine, so it takes longer to get going, plus I am out damaging my health for the cause so it takes longer to drag my fat ass to a PC 🙂
    On the list of all, I am plannign on doing one big map with all the locations (sort of like the map links I’ve done on some reviews).
    Glad you liked the site anyhow. Check back over time as I add more features and content.

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