Webware Winners I Hadn’t Heard Of

As you may know, Webware has been running this big ‘best of Web 2.0 applications’ competition over the past month or so. Yesterday, they announced the winners.

I was curious to browse through the winners (all 100 of them, which seems a tad excessive), and learn about those I hadn’t heard of before:

  • Cha Cha – Human assisted search (you chat with an apparent search expert who helps you find what you’re looking for).
  • Gaia Online – Online community and MMPORG for teens. Interestingly, at the moment, they have about two-thirds the number of users online that Second Life does, or did at this time yesterday (21K compared to 35K).
  • Stardoll – Dress up avatars–virtual version of the old paper doll kits. Popular, presumably, with the pre-teen and teen girls (and, no doubt, a few adults recapturing the dress-up days of yore).
  • Revision3 – Hosts a bunch of online shows, most notably Diggnation.
  • PollDaddy – Free polls for your blog or social network profile.

UPDATE: On a unrelated note, here’s 25 more web apps, many of which I hadn’t heard of. I immediately gravitated to BuzzDash and Swivel for the cool charts.


  1. I know about Cha Cha (giving it a whirl over other web browsers) and have received mixed support. 1/3 times so far got my answer quickly with out the assisster dumping me because they couldn’t answer my question.

    Also know about Stardoll through my children. It seems more fun when there’s a bunch of friends working together to morph dressing habits.

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