CBC Sports Gets a Makeover (and Becomes CBCSports.ca)

Via Neil, here’s an instant messager interview between the mysterious CBC blogger Ouimet and Andrew Lundy, senior producer at the newly-revamped CBCSports.ca. There’s some interesting discussion about the re-emergence of portals (no, duh) and the direction of the CBC’s online sports coverage:

The goal was to bring the whole CBC Sports experience online. Since our new agreements with sports bodies like the NHL, FIFA and MLS include video, we want to offer people that. And we want to be more interactive, so we’re beefing up user-generated content and forums, as well as adding contests and pools and games to the mix. The end result should be a complete sports experience, beyond the stories and stats.

The interview is too long. Why is there such an aversion to editing amongst bloggers and podcasters? I think it’s taking the whole transparency and authenticity thing too seriously if the reader (or listener or viewer) has to troll through the piece for the good bits. I blame Robert.


  1. Too long? Well, your website is too goddamn green.

    Actually the thing was edited. Not much, but a little. Nothing to do with transparency, I just thought I would give more rather than less. Not like I’m going to run out of website to print it on.

    Everyone who has commented on the chat has pointed out a different part that is “the good bits” so maybe it was a good idea to leave all those good bits in?

    No idea. I’m making this up as I go along.

  2. Ouimet: There’s no shortage of website, but there is a shortage of attention. I’d recommend a two-pronged approach. Excerpt the best bits (you get to decide, it’s your website) into a brief interview, and also provide a link to the complete text.

    That way, the skimmers can get the brief version, and the waders can get the complete interview.

  3. The Hamilton-Toronto Labour Day game was highly entertaining but Steve Armitage drove us crazy! He mispronounced Timmy Chang’s very simple surname over 20 times! He kept calling him Shang, not Chang, and also referred to hm as Cheng, Sheng and Chen. This was most irritating and incredibly unprofessional. Throughout all this Khari Jones calmly and correctly called the QB Chang.Other anmes mispronounced in both games were Mor-EN-o instead of Mor-AY-no and HIM-in-ez instead of Hee-MAY nez. Shouldn’t announcers be required to check pronunciations before going on air?

  4. The TV.coverage on Sundays Western CFL semi final had a terribly annoying zoome of what looked like the CBC logal, but I am not sure what it was. This thing zommed at the viewer constantley as often as 5 seconds apart.Let’s hope we dont have to put up with this juvenile crap on the Grey Cup

  5. Sunday’s TV coverage of the CFL western
    final had a very annoying zoom of what
    looked like the cbc’logal but it was fast and furrious and I am not shure wat it was or why. This thing was constantley repeated as often as 5 seconds apart.Let’s not have this crap on Grey Cup Sunday.
    Don kitching Midland

  6. I am a curler and curling fan and I find it wrong of CBC to not show us the mens worlds if you can’t do the job leave it for someone else. TSN did a great job covering the ladies worlds and CBC did a good job covering the finals but where are the mens, come on CBC do a proper job.All you are doing is making people mad at you.

  7. Have been trying to find the semi-fianl games of the Grey power learning on the CBC Web Site. Have not had any luck.

    How about some better directions.

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