Long Overdue Winners of My Why Do You Blog Survey

Why we blogI was reminded that I’ve yet to announce the winners in the survey I ran way back before Northern Voice. I apologize for this–it’s no excuse, but it’s been a crazily busy four months. So, with no further ado, here are the winners (using my wife as a random number generator).

  • Alison wins the iPod Shuffle.
  • Nitesh was going to win two books I had from Lonely Planet. Unfortunately, they’re back in a box in Canada, so they’re going to get a $50 Lonely Planet gift certificate.
  • John gets the $50 Amazon or iTunes gift certificate for being ranked 42nd (Julie’s choice again) in people linking to the survey.

In the case of Alison and Nitesh, I don’t want to be more specific about who they are until I contact them and get their permission. So, apologies to any other Alisons or Niteshes out there who I’ll later have to disappoint.

A couple of people have also asked about the results data. I do plan to release it–I’ve just been going through it to try to anonymize any delicate bits and remove any links. I indicated when I ran the survey that the results would be published, but I think better safe than sorry here. The cleaning up process has taken longer than expected (and often gets shunted down the work list by more pressing tasks), but I’m getting there.


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