When the Women Left Harby (and Hardisty)

The BBC produces so many odd, original shows. Many North American shows beg, borrow and steal from the Beeb. Here’s a new series that, judging from the ad I just saw, looks fairly amusing:

The villagers of Harby in Nottinghamshire are about to experience an altogether different way of life when their village takes part in an ambitious observational documentary series by the BBC looking at how an English village community copes when the women are taken away for one week.

The Week The Women Went is a week long experiment, commissioned by BBC THREE, to enable the men of Harby to take a fresh look at the roles they play at home and in the community and for viewers to see how a community of men rise to the challenge of filling all the roles in village life.

Heh. I wrote that first paragraph without knowing that, as it turns out, the CBC is producing its own version. The town they’re using even sounds similar–Hardisty, Alberta. They’ve got a blog about the project on Blogspot.


  1. Man, I’ve even been to Hardisty. It’s in East Central Alberta, near the town where I worked for a year.

  2. I wonder what the ratio of women to men is in most of Alberta. Here it’s abut 6-1, due to the oil patch work up here in Grande Prairie. You would think that would make it a smorgasboard for someone like me- but Alberta also has a high rate of smokers, Christians and uneducated men, none of which appeal to me. Alberta also has the highest rate of domestic abuse, and the lowest literacy rate in the country.

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