My MacBook’s Hungarian Keyboard

Ami asked for a photo of my rockin’ Hungarian keyboard. Here it is (click for a larger version–can I stop saying that?):

Hungarian Keyboard

As you can see, of the core keys, only the Z and Y are in different locations. Well, the zero is also in a different spot. Regardless, I’ve mapped it back to a North American keyboard, so it’s business as usual. Except for the zero key, which now gives me ± and § whenever I need it. Bonus. The tilde key is now just to the left of the Y (Z on the North American keyboard). I also like that the Enter key is two rows tall–I’m finding it easier to hit.


  1. I had issues with what looks like a similar keyboard used in Croatia and Slovenia. Some cybercafes were set to the QWERTY style I’m used to, but not all. Finding the @ symbol was my biggest challenge.

  2. Reminds me of the time I was in Slovenia, and for the LIFE if me, I couldn’t get money out of the ATM because it wouldn’t accept my PIN. I enter my PIN without even thinking about the numbers because I know the pattern (and it’s based on the letters associated with the numbers). Well, turns out the numbers on ATM’s in Slovenia are in a different order. Eventually, I actually looked at the damn machine and figured it out 🙂

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