Malta Breaks Rainfall Record for June in One Day

It rained heavily in Malta the day before we left for Hungary. In fact, it was the first rain I’d seen since arriving in the country a month earlier. Our plane’s windows were still slicked with rain the next morning when we took off.

As it turns out, there was more preciptation to come:

June 4, 2007 will be remembered as the day which broke all records for rainfall in June, with the unexpected downpours causing chaos and misery on the flood-prone roads.

Not only did it break the record for a single day’s rainfall for that month, but it rained more in 24 hours than it has ever done for the whole month of June, records of the past 84 years held by the Meteorological Office show.

A spokesman for the Met Office said that 57.6mm of rainfall was recorded at Luqa throughout the day yesterday. The wettest June recorded at the Met Office was June 1968 when 28.2mm of rain was measured.

Man. That storm took the record out back behind the bike sheds and kicked its ass. Just last week I noticed some flood warning signs around Malta, and remarked how, given the dry, hot climate, floods seemed improbably. I imagine that same dry, hot climate prevents the ground from absorbing rainfall easily.

Speaking selfishly, I’m pretty sure our villa’s all right in Gharb (assuming it didn’t spring any leaks). It’s on pretty high ground.


  1. you’ve brought the rain with you from vancouver.. they will never forgive you for this. or maybe the reverse. it’s impossible to say really.

  2. Don’t worry, the rain in Gozo was minor in comparison with Malta. It always amazes me how dramatically the rainfall patterns differ even from village to village on Gozo.

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