Either It’s the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary…

Or the Luftwaffe are back. I was awoken from a pleasant nap (snorkeling in all that chop can tire you out) at high noon by a resounding, ongoing chorus of bells. Our bedroom is up on the fourth floor, and there’s more or less a direct line of sight to the church’s bell towers at the centre of town.

It turns out that today is the feast day for the visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. On this day, a pregnant Mary had gone walk-about:

Assuming that the Annunciation and the Incarnation took place about the vernal equinox, Mary left Nazareth at the end of March and went over the mountains to Hebron, south of Jerusalem, to visit her cousin Elizabeth, because her presence and much more the presence of the Divine Child in her womb, according to the will of God, was to be the source of very great graces to John, Christ’s forerunner.

Early this morning, I saw several children walking to school carrying bouquets of flowers. I wonder if that was related, or just coincidental?


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