A Chance to Game the CBC

Over at Inside the CBC, I read about the Ceeb (can I call it the Ceeb?) partnering with Facebook to launch The Great Canadian Wish List (Facebook account required).

It’s basically 43 Things with voting to celebrate Canada Day. You submit a wish for the country and get fellow Facebook users to vote it up. They’re a little too self-congratulatory when they call it “a ground-breaking experiment in civic engagement and journalistic partnership”, but it’s a good idea.

Here’s another idea: wouldn’t it be fun to get something wacky to the top of that list? It won’t be hard if we start soon. The top vote-getter only has 32 votes.

Maybe it’s because I’m not on Canadian soil anymore, but nothing great springs to mind. “I wish our prime minister would come out of the closet” is just lame. “I wish Canada would adopt the 29-hour day?” “I wish PEI would secede?” I got nothing.

You people are smart. Have you got any amusing suggestions?

UPDATE: Hmm…in the early going, the contest seems to be led by the Religious Right. The top vote-getter today is “Abolish Abortion in Canada” while #5 is a wish “For a spirtual revival in our nation”. Personally, I can really get behind “I wish the CBC would stop creating stupid youth-outreach campaigns”.


  1. Are you kidding?! “I wish the Prime Minister would come out of the closet” is hilarious.

    Er, not that I’d support gaming of the list, of course… 😉

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