Review of PitchWire Over on Capulet Blog

On Capulet’s blog, I just wrote a longish review of PitchWire, a kind of pitch management site for publicists, and a (gulp) pitch solicitation service for, uh, influencers. I’m not sure about it, but ye of the PR and marketing persuasions might be interested.

Plus, you can get fancy badges like this:


I’m, uh, totally lying with that badge. I get enough pitches without asking for them, thanks.

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  1. Hi Darren,

    Most bloggers and journalists don’t ask for unsolicited pitches, but if you are an “influencer” (as you know) there really is no way for you to get around being pitched. PitchWire was designed to at least give you some control over how you are pitched. For example, if you specify that you only want pitches on hockey, publicists can only pitch you on that topic. I’ll post some comments to your “longish” review on Capulet as we are already in the process of addressing some of your concerns.

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