Will Natalie Portman Become Cam Girl 2.0?

Here’s a strange, strange story about Natalie Portman courtesy of those Silicon Valley gossip-mongers Valleywag:

The winsome movie star, who came to public notice as a 12-year-old in the charge of a grizzled assassin, is proposing a continuous video feed of her work and personal life…

Hollywood is freaked by the emergence of instant celebrities, in reality television, and on web sites such as Youtube. The agencies, and the stars, want in on the action, just as they did during the last internet boom. Thus CAA, the number one talent agency, put Will Ferrell, the comedic actor, together with Sequoia Capital. The result: Funny or Die, a version of Youtube for comedy clips.

I initially thought this was pretty groundless, but it sounds a lot more plausible when I remembered that I’d seen a couple of other pop stars co-opting the YouTube medium. From a marketing perspective, Portman seems like an obvious choice. She’s young, attractive and popular with the Web’s early adopters thanks to Star Wars and V for Vendetta.

I’m certainly no judge of this sort of thing, but Ms. Portman doesn’t seem like the type to be a publicity hound. I watched an interview with her on “Behind the Actor’s Studio” a while back, and she struck me as quite private.


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