Fun Zombie Killer of a Web Game

Can’t wait for 28 Weeks Later (I can, the first one was frickin’ terrifying)? Play the gory The Last Stand, a web game in which you slay zombies by night and gather weapons and survival by day. In truth, it’s not all that great a game, but I like dysoptian scenarios and carnage.

Are there any analogous PC or console games set in zombie-filled post-apocalypse worlds that aren’t first-person shooters? Something in an RPG, perhaps?

Incidentally, 28 Weeks Later comes out on May 11, 2007. I was curious, so I looked it up.


  1. There’s one for Xbox 360 called ‘Dead Rising.’ You play a photographer in a mall and it’s 3rd person perspective. Plus you can pick up just about anything and hit zombies with it (I especially like the sound when you knock a zombie with a guitar).

  2. Darren, it sounds like you’re interested in both “28 Weeks Later” and crappy flash games.

    Get ready to have your world turned upside down; Fox International has created a crappy flash game to promote “28 Weeks Later.”

    In it you play a zombie trying to infect humans. The game is pure crap, but you’re rewarded for playing, with a pretty decent clip from the new movie.

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