Odd Photos From the Past Week

Over the past week or so, I’ve taken a few random photos which each merited commentary, if not their own blog post. In all cases, click the images for larger sizes.

We visited Minerve, which is a charming hilltop medieval town. Beside the church, there was a little museum of archeaology and paleontology. There were a series of, well, high-school quality dioramas inside, including this awesome one. The context, I think, is fairly obvious:

Nobody Wins

There was another diorama of the Siege of Minerve in 1210. The Cathars, a religious group declared heretics by the church, had been mostly slaughtered by Crusade armies at Beziers. A couple of hundred escaped to Minerve, where they were besieged and eventually burned alive:

The Siege of Minerve, by Serge

I turned on the TV in our Dublin hotel, and surfed to a new (to me, at least) channel called Setanta Sports (man, that URL ought to be a lot shorter). Low and behold, there was ice hockey on TV. And it was those embattled giants of the frozen game, Ireland vs. Luxembourg.

By Canadian standards, it was amateur hour all around, from the on-ice play to the commentary to the charming scale of the Dundalk Ice Dome. Still, I was pleased to see that Ireland will be promoted from Division Three to Division Two after a shootout victory. The other teams in the tournament: New Zealand (who took home the gold), South Africa, Mongolia (they got their Yak-riding asses handed to them by everybody) and Luxembourg. Awesome:

Televised Hockey in Ireland

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