Agester: Waste Time By Guessing People’s Age

Via Everything 2.0, here’s yet another variation on the Hot-or-Not model:

Agester is a new community where you can Guess people’s age, find out how old you look, and Meet new people. Best of all, it’s free!

There appear to be a lot more men than women in the system. I’d be curious to see some data on this–do we estimate men and women’s age the same way?

What other bizarre Hot-or-Not variations could we do? Guess my ethnicity? Am I a dog or a cat person? Circumcised-or-Not? One could go on forever.

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  1. It could all be consolidated at one website called something like, “Speak your mind.” If only people could be honest with a desire to help the people who put themselves out there instead of exacting revenge or kicks out of put-downs. I think Guess My Ethnicity could be fun – it would be an eye-opener to people who have narrow ideas that everyone falls into a Look.

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