Reports From Tunisia

Speaking of travel writing, I’ve been enjoying Kirsten’s reports from her trip to Tunisia. This is partially because we plan to visit Tunisia’s neighbour to the west, Morocco. She’s written two posts thus far, and here’s a snippet about visiting the public markets:

I probably should’ve pushed it further, but it does take some getting used to. Natasha had her eye on a few leather cushion stools, and had a great volley with one charismatic fellow who played his part well – they got a hilarious repartee going on, including him asking her never to set foot in his store again.

There are also a bunch of accompanying photos on Flickr.


  1. I’ve finally created a Flickr set for all the photos – my descriptions and tagging have been sporadic and there are major gaps to be filled in when I have time. I’m really enjoying writing the reports, actually, and probably spending too much time on them when I should be out adventuring 😉

    Thanks for the plug!

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