The Fundamental Flaw of the Travel Clinic

While abroad, we’re planning on travelling to (among other places) Israel, Egypt and Morocco. What, if any, vaccinations do we need for those countries?

There seems to be a real walled garden around the answer to that question. There’s the Public Health Agency of Canada, which lists outbreaks and epidemics around the world. They only seem to provide timely information. There’s also the Consular Affairs office, but the entry on Egypt just refers me to a travel clinic like the local Travel Medicine & Vaccination Centre.

I called one such clinic, and they wouldn’t answer any specific questions over the phone. They required me to come in and talk to a doctor. That’s the fundamental flaw–they’re highly motivated to get me into their office and foist shots on me. After all, my universal (heh) healthcare doesn’t cover it, so they’re essentially a for-profit business.

Isn’t this information available online to the average Canadian? If so, I’ve been unable to find it thus far. I don’t necessarily think that the government should pay for my shots. I do think they should empower me to decide whether I need them on my own.


  1. Oana: That’s more specific, indeed. Truth be told, though, I’d like to see it from the Canadian government.

  2. I live in Egypt. You should have Hepatitis A & B vaccinations. BCG (tuberculosis) and polio vaccinations should also be up to date. While here please avoid the temptation to try shisha. The shisha pipes are havens for tuberculosis and hepatitis.

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