Canada’s Mobile Data Access Sucks

About a year and a half ago, I wrote about how much the current pricing structure for Canadian mobile data access blows. I managed to spend CAN $112 for 3 MB of data. Both James and Boris link to Thomas Purves’s chart that shows how absurd current Canadian mobile data pricing is (click for larger image):

I was mostly writing this post to encourage you, my dear readers, to Digg this story. However, in the time I took to write this entry, it made it to the front page of Digg. So, mission accomplished without our help.

UPDATE: You know one thing that bugs me about the Digg community? Their apparent lack of a sense of humour. They seem to take vicious delight in digging down (or burying, if you like) any humorous comments. It seems to reinforce the stereotype of geeks as overly-serious poindexters.

At least Slashdot has the ‘funny’ category for such comments. Comparatively, Digg has simplified the user moderation on comments, but they’ve lost some important diversity along the way.


  1. Brian: It’s strictly a fire-and-forget project. It still gets a fair schwack of traffic, but I don’t plan on doing anything with it.

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