Are You Working on Monday?

Can I get a quick show of hands regarding whether or not Monday is a holiday for you? I’m confused because:

  1. I’m self-employed, so I don’t often heed the regular holidays. Most of my peers are also self-employed, so they’re no help.
  2. Our clients are in four countries, so on any given day somebody’s working.
  3. My last full time job was in Ireland, where they (obviously) take both Friday and Monday off.

The Canadian government’s website lists Easter Monday on its public holidays and other important dates page, but fails to indicate whether its the former, the latter, or both. Wikipedia says Monday is a statutory holiday only in Quebec. I gather the kids aren’t in school, because my old high school is taking the day off.

It’s all a bit moot, as I’ll be working, but I wasn’t sure if everybody else would be.


  1. Friday was a stat holiday in BC, Monday is not. Many governmental agencies get both days off which is why mail and trash collection will both be delayed. It’s confusing for my American clients because they don’t take either day off so they don’t understand why I was the only guy in the office on Friday (being self-employed).

    – Chris

  2. ChrisK has it — lots of places might have different hours Monday, but only the Friday is stat holiday.

    I worked from home Friday, and will be working from the office tomorrow.

  3. Monday’s not a holiday for me; however, my employers back in Toronto had to ask me if I was working that day or not as they’re too lazy to Google the answer for themselves. Foolishly, every year they’ve asked I tell them the truth.

  4. Monday is not a stat holiday in BC, but many people get to take the day off. Being self-employed like yourself, I’m not taking the day off either and will be working as usual (as I do on Saturdays and Sundays too).

  5. filmgoerjuan: Forgive the Torontonians for their ignorance. 🙂 I was one, and upon moving to BC I found holidays here very confusing. Rememberance Day for instance – almost everybody works it back in Ontario, but here in BC a lot of people take it off. Thanksgiving Day – stores are mostly closed in Ontario, but here in BC most stuff is open.

    I’m so confused! 🙂

  6. I work for a non-profit in Ottawa, and we have the day off, thanks to collective bargaining. It’s our only 4-day weekend of the year.

  7. If I wasn’t on maternity, I’d have had Friday off and Monday off (I work for the Feds). My DH works in private industry and had Friday off and is in the office today.

    Seeing that I’m at home with four kids, I think I’d rather be at the office – much, much, much easier.

  8. I work in film. That sounds pretentious and is in fact inaccurate as the current project I am involved in is being shot in High Definition. I am on set Monday. Actually I will be standing outside in the rain for 6 hours or so. On set sounds more impressive though doesn’t it.

    The Canadina Bankers Association Holiday schedule shows that the Banks are open today everywhere except in Nunavit. There they’ve decided as for work on Easter Monday they’ll have none of it. Thank you, I’ll be here all week.

  9. I believe that federally regulated companies (not just Gov’t) give both days off. It’s 10AM on a Monday and I’m still in pajamas.

  10. Most employees have Monday off at UBC (with the exception of some libraries as students are starting to prepare for exams).

    I think the Monday off has something to do with unions. no? Because the holiday on Sunday is usually a normal no-work day, we’re still entitled to a holiday so we get Monday off in lieu of that.

  11. I’ve lived in three Canadian provinces and can’t keep straight how Easter Monday is treated in any of them. I keep wondering again every year when this date approaches.

    My co. is affiliated with UBC and so it’s a staff’s day-off but I’m in anyways because I want to take a day off later this week. 😉

    Just to add that I find it SO weird how everything is open on a stat. holiday on Friday. Like God forbid people don’t have shops to go to. Maritimers really are “more religious” and deal with the weekday shutdowns and deal accordingly.

  12. I’m sitting at work right now, but I am currently doing more surfing than working. Last week I was on vacation so I am welcoming this day to be in the office and get some basics out of the way while half of my co-workers (and my client in Quebec) are home.
    I currently have friends in Ontario who are working and some who aren’t working, family in Nova Scotia who are shocked that there is even a question that this is a holiday, and friends here in BC who are teasing me mercilessly because they swindled the day off by convincing their bosses it was a holiday.

  13. In case you’re interested in what it’s like in Bavaria/Germany: Both Good Friday and Easter Monday are public holidays. But some of Germany’s northern ‘Laender’ may have different rules.

  14. From a quick poll of my friends in various industries:

    Unions and construction workers seem to get the day off.

    Office workers at larger companies are off.

    Office workers at smaller companies are working.

    Anyone in the food/service industry is working.

    Government workers are off. No mail today.

    I’m working today as WorkSpace is open, but it’s pretty quiet. Most of our members are either taking the day off or working from home today.

  15. I am off (work at a community college), but my wife, who teaches at a private TESL school, is working today.

    Driving her in to town, it was clear that there were very few cars on the road. Indeed, it was about the lightest traffic I’ve ever seen on Hastings street in daylight hours.

    My understanding is that Easter Monday is not a stat, but it is a “government holiday,” which effectively means that normal government offices are all closed today.

  16. WorkSpace is mellow mellow today, so I guess most of the freelance contingent is still on the island. Tomorrow everyone will be in and catching up I’m sure.

  17. I’m working.
    A little annoying that our provincial government tells us it is NOT a stat and then gives many of it’s employees the day off. Thanks Gordo

  18. Coming pretty late to the party but: in Baden-Württemburg (southwest Germany, where the Mercedes come from) both Friday and Monday are holidays. Quite a few people seem to have taken this week off too (10 days off at the price of 4 vacation days).

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