What are the Top Ten Torture Scenes?

The Movie Blog points me to Filmwad, and their slighly gross article about the top ten torture scenes in modern cinema. I was a little disappointed in myself when I skimmed the list–I’ve only seen about half of these movies.

I was glad to see the legs-crossed-in-sympathy torture from Casino Royale making the list. The article isn’t for those who have lived a sheltered life:

Enraged foreigner Le Chiffre (Mads Mikkelsen) doesn’t need lasers or shark-filled pits to torture his captives. Nope, he just needs a broken chair, an exposed ball-sac, and a nice wet piece of rope. Too bad, Bond’s gonads are as bad-ass as he is, and this super-spy takes the groinal beating and keeps on asking for more.

The obvious oversight on this list is the ear-removal scene in Reservoir Dogs, but maybe that’s not sick and twisted enough?

And speaking of cinematic torture, I see they’re working on a remake of Adventures in Babysitting. Though, in truth, Elisabeth Shue was one of my first movie crushes.


  1. I’m no horror fan, but I’m surprised there are no Dario Argento movies on the list. The needles-between-eyelids scene in Opera has got to be one of the most skin-crawling moments in film.

  2. Right with you on “Adventures”. No doubt it’ll be darker, more threatening, and they’ll be being chased by a funny bunch of Al-Qaeda types.

    As far as the top ten torture scenes, I’m sure some of the Gitmo psychopaths have some pretty intense home movies.

    Some of the CIA types probably pass stuff around under plain brown covers:

    “Have you seen 95-B yet?”
    “Oh yeah–totally wicked. I love the look on his face when he realizes they were lying and he’s not dead, and then they up the voltage!”

  3. I’ve surprised there was no mention of the Syriana torture scene.

    The scene that just about made me puke was when Holly Hunter’s finger was cut off in “The Piano.”

  4. What about the dentist scene from “Marathon Man”?

    Brrrrr. Gives me shivers just thinking about it!

  5. I clicked the list to make sure Audition was there. The scene from Takashi Miike’s “IMPRINT” with pins under the fingernails really made me cringe, I don’t know why :p

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