Mika is the Second Coming of Freddie Mercury

I just heard “Grace Kelly” by Mika, a Lebanese-born, London-raised singer. I know I’m behind the curve here, as the song topped the charts in January in the UK. In light of my usual patten, that’s a real improvement for me in terms of keeping abreast of musical trends. I’m only the 4,152,974th person to watch the video on YouTube. Word up.

The song (you can hear it and watch the fun video on YouTube) is catchy and instantly likable. By the second verse I was struck by how much Mika sounded like Freddie Mercury. He’s got some similar vocal stylings, and (I think, though I’m a total layman in these matters) a similar range. Plus, they’re both skinny, fey, British dudes with a, uh, apparent flair for theatricality. Of course, the song’s lyrics include a reference to trying a “a little Freddie”.

Mika seems to be a legitimately talented musician, as he attended the Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle, Westminster School and the Royal College of Music (he dropped out to record an album). I also watched a live, piano-only version of “Grace Kelly” on Jools Holland’s show, and, barring real-time, auto-magical pitch adjusters and the like, his skills seem to be all natural.


  1. Within ten seconds of listening to him sing, I was thinking Freddie. Very talented, even if that’s not exactly my thing. But, according to my friend Johanna at work, he’s good friends with Perez Hilton, which doesn’t seem like a good move for class and longevity in any industry.

  2. There is something very deliberate about how Mika’s fame has risen here in Canada.

    I had never heard or seen him before, until one night in early February, we were at a movie theater, and before they started playing trailers, they played the video for Grace Kelly in it’s entirety. 2 weeks later I saw a contest online offering a chance to win tickets to go see Mika somewhere. This is someone who never had any radio play prior to a month ago.

    If that’s not a way to inject a performer into the public consciousness, I don’t know what is.

  3. Thanks Darren for turning me on to Mika. I loved Freddie Mercury and Mika is like a young Freddie. I love the upbeat tempo of the music. Great to blog to!

  4. I hear what you mean Darren but it’s hard to think of anyone else as Freddie! Funnily enough we were discussing it last night… How about Tim Curry (yep from Rocky Horror)?

    Still I like this guy… reminds me a bit of Mike Hutchence from INXS…

  5. Aigh. It’s like cotton candy — I know it’s light, fluffy and a little cloying at times, but I still consume greedily. I’ve watched that video about 8 times in the last three days, and snagged the album version of the song. My kids have been dancing around the house all day singing it.

    I would disagree with Dan — I think Grace Kelly is a much more vocally unique song (and stupidly catchy) than Love Today. I kinda smell one-hit wonder, but the dude’s got pipes.

  6. I just heard Mika for the very first time this morning – and yes, he clearly resembles Freddy Mercury in style, vocal range, and theatrics. I heard/watched Grace Kelly – what an amazing and uplifting song. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t go international in no time!!

  7. Freddie ? Only ever will be one. I still love the fact that in over 15 years after his death, we see a bright spark such as Mika and compare him to Fred. Fred’s dead, and Mika ain’t a patch on arguably the greatest vocalist in terms of range and clarity of all time. Not a patch.

  8. I heard this tonight on the radio and all I thought was, “I gotta tell my friend Mike in Towson, cause he goes to Freddie Mercury drag shows and I thought he had the best imitation of Freddie Mercury. I cant wait to buy the CD and to hear Mike get more play here in the US.

  9. Well.. he sounds a bit like Freddie Mercury on the “Freddie” line (although it’s closer to George Michael), but apart from that I was thinking he sounds more like Jake Shears from Scissor Sisters meets Robbie Williams.
    Mika hasn’t got the power/edge that Freddie had & it annoys me when people write that he seems to be “channeling the voice of Freddie Mercury” when he spends most of his time whining in falsetto (and it’s a rather grating falsetto too) – listen to them side by side & try to draw the comparison again.

  10. Listen to Mika’s “Love Today” – Freddie Mercury would be turning in his grave at the comparison!!! Mika can only dream…..

  11. Mika and that guy from the Darkness need to fight to see who is the supreme Freddie wannabe. Maybe not with fists since neither of them seem to much the pugilist if you know what I mean. I’m not saying they are gay and if I was there wouldn’t be anything wrong with that, but lets face it the both of them aren’t a fountain of testosterone. I think Freddie would kick both of their asses.

  12. No , I agree, there is and always will be only one Freddie.. but in the constant search for something close to latch on too… Mika is a palatable choice. Grace Kelly hit my XM radio back in in late winter, and immediately I looked down to see “who was this guy?”. I have drawn similar comparisons at time to Tom Chaplin of Keane and I agree with Scissor sisters. But Mika has the flamboyant over the top entertainment style that hearkens back to early Queen….and I would agree with Elton John as well. The kid can obviously sing, but we shall see how he is developed.

  13. He doesn’t sound like Freddie at all, MIKA started liking Queen when he was 16 and that does it’s deed, it’s an influence. I’m soo tired of listening people comparing them..I think that’s pretty silly.

  14. Doesn’t sound like Freddy and all? Riiiiight. I can’t listen to him for 5 seconds without expecting Brian May’s four part harmony guitar to show up. That’s all Mika’s missing….

  15. My youngest daughter brought this song to my attention, because it`s totally cool to her(11). It tends to happen all the time. However, I happened to see the musical vid late one night on some channel, and I was totally weirded out, to the eerie resemblance to Freddie Mercury!!!! First thought through my head, was, someone tell Queen, it`s time for a revival tour. Mika, doesn`t have the strength in his voice, yet, that Freddie did, but; he has the skills to get there. HOWEVER, the more I watch the video, I can`t help but feel, it was contrived to be this way??? Freddie was one of a kind, musically, and also just being Human. I am nearing my 7th Decade of life, and I have always liked good music. I thought, I was the only one seeing a comparison, but, I`m glad I wasn`t.

  16. as one who grew up and loved Freddie, I can see the comparison – there are similarities, but he is different – I really like Mika’s stuff, his first albumn is really good. What I find intriguing is that at times he sounds like Freddie, other times like Jagger, and others like Hutchence – people I have loved to listen to throughout my life.

  17. I completely agree, with the comparison of Mika to Freddie, I had the priviledge of seeing his Grace Kelly video at the local theatre before one of the more resent kids movies and he really has the same energy as Freddie. Being a Queen fan it is nice to be able to hear that sound again and not as a copy but of his same true style…..We miss you Freddie, keep on rock’n Mika!

  18. I find the biggest difference between their sound – and why at times Mika sounds completely unlike Freddie – is in their vocal ranges. Freddie was a natural baritone (really deep), and had a four octave range. Mika, it seems, has a tenor voice, and the same four octave range, putting him an octave above Freddie. Also, i will agree with some people that Mika is not as vocally powerful as Freddie was, not to say that he’ll never be. But in the end, there are differences. When i describe Mika to friends, i tell them “Imagine Freddie Mercury singing Elton John and the Beegees”.

    1. If as you say, Mika voice is in the Tenor range – would that not make Mika the better singer?

      It’s taken a while, but it seems to me Mika has surpassed Freddie!

      1. Are you kidding, Mika is a good singer, he has energy. But he has to prove so much to even be compared with some justice with Mercury. Personally i like Mika´s voice and style but if you compare him rigth now with Mercury you really do not know anything about him. So i recommend to you hear more music from Queen and see some concerts for example The Wembley Stadium Concert… and then you can talk.

  19. Anyway, my friends, it’s very good there’s a piece of good music today.
    And it doesn’t matter who looks like, sings, etc. Of course, Queen is the immortal music, maybe adult music. Mika released his first work. And I know everybody can see it’s great. I think Freddie would agree with me. Today Mika is Musician who composes Music and he’s worth of respect.

  20. You know jack shit dude, this guy sounds nothing like freddie atall, no one will ever touch him and whats with “there both skinny guys”, freddie was a fucking sexy beef cake…

  21. Mika does sound a quite bit like Freddy.

    Also if you watch Freddy’s Bohemian Rhapsody he wears an outfit much like what I imagine Dr. Frank-N-Furter would wear.

  22. Bullshit, Mika is not even a piece of turd on the bottom of Freddie’s shoe…..wake up people there will never be a 2nd coming of Freddie in any shape or form, there can be only one you idiots.

  23. Mika is nothing near as good as Freddie. I can stand Freddie.. gah! I wanna hunt Mika down, string him up by his very small balls and beat him like a pinata!!!!

  24. I’ve seen Mika live at work (i work at a music TV station) and I’m sick of his music… I got roped into liking
    ‘Grace Kelly’…then I heard Relax take it easy and the singles that followed….ugh!..so terrible. He’s a whiny copy cat. He’s another candy-pop artist.
    He will never get remotely close to Freddie Mercury’s talent.

  25. you think your behind the curve, but yeah this Guy has what ever it is(and i dont mean vocal range or even talent) i mean it and it is really like freddies it. For me hes well fresh.
    So when was he born?

  26. Mika sings crappy pop songs but if he sang rock he wouldn’t sound like such a crappy little bitch and it might be good

  27. My musical knowledge has been severely tainted through first listening to Queen when i was a young nipper. The only group i’ve ever really listened to since that moment with great passion has been queen. I think this is because no one and i mean NO ONE could ever be as good as Freddie Mercury and so it’s difficult to accept anything less than the vocal talents of this legend!!! To compare Mika is an insult, he’s good but no in the same class my friend. I still await the day somebody can sing as good as Freddie….will it ever come?

  28. Yeah Freddie is 10x better but the association is immediate. I never heard this Mika character before but I immediately thought, this dude is a big time fan of Mr. Mercury when I heard that Lollipop song in the store last week for the first time.

  29. There can only ever be one Freddie. Mika is just another wannabe with no real talent or originality. He is simply a bad imitation who is as talented as any other Freddie Mercury tribute act.

  30. I agree. He’s no replacement but hes got a lot of Freddie Mercury influence on his style. I’d love to hear him do some Queen covers.

  31. Mika is wonderful! Look im 23 and im a huge Queen fan. Obviously NO ONE will ever be Freddie..but it this generation of crappy britney spears and rihanna who cant sing anything live, ill take Mika anyday! Mika does have many Freddie attributes and to date its what ive heard that resembles him and his originality the most. Mika is actually a musician you can respect and in 2008 thats rare enough. Were living in a crappy musical generation! No one like the beatles, hendrix, janis joplin….and Queen. But Mika does share resemblances and for that i thank him!! Hes AMAZING live and is a true talent. Freddie..No…but does he resemble him voice wise….Yes…and thank the lord for that. How can anything that resembles Freddy EVER BE WRONG!!! I love Mika…but Freddy is God!

  32. No netiendo como comparan a Freddy Mercury con “eso”.Una persona que sepa de musica sabe que Freddy Mercury era tenor,sin embargo,que tiene Mika para que los comparen?Pues os lo digo.Tiene ganas de tener fama,pero como solo no puede conseguirla,pues recurre a imitar a personajes lejendarios como Freddy Mercury.I lo digo por que no es la primera vez.Con el tiempo nisiquiera se acordaran de Mika xDD.Saludos

  33. I’ve stopped by this blog many times, and this time I could not resist putting my 2 cents in.
    I first heard Mika wayyy after everyone else. For the first time in late 2008, and I had never heard a word about him before.
    When I got the opportunity to listen to some of his music, I was completely giddy- the sound reminded me so much of a young Freddie in its creativity, flamboyance, attitude, composition…. and those PIPES!
    So naturally I wondered if anyone else felt the same. I googled ‘Mika Freddie Mercury’ and I was amazed to see everyone thinking the same as I do. But as far as this post, which is now 2 years back, I can understand why everyone was worried and somewhat reluctant when making the comparison. We (as serious Queen fans) don’t want to hope for something Freddie-like that will just fall flat. But with Mika’s 2009 album out and all the awards he’s won, it’s safe to say that he’ll be sticking around for awhile.
    Freddie will always be the ultimate… the one- but Mika seems to be quickly rising in Fred’s shadow.
    Many comparisons have been made, many people dislike this, but it is something the naysayers will have to live with because the similarities are undeniable.

  34. I am a huge Queen & Freddie fan. First, I’ve got to say to the person who said Mika is better than Freddie: You obviously haven’t heard any Queen song. If you did, you wouldn’t leave that lame comment. ‘ Range ‘ isn’t the ONLY paragon for being a good singer. Second, people should stop calling Mika “ The Second Freddie “. Freddie is a legend and totally irreplaceable. Not Mika and not anyone else can match up to him. I don’t want to put Mika down. He is a nice guy and as a young musician and singer, this is commendable that he gets inspiration from Freddie, but I don’t agree with it at all that he has become “ A New Freddie “. Because Freddie is one off , he is the BEST. Period!

  35. Never heard him before.. first time i listen to this song i thought it was an assembly of freddies vocals and trials over song he didnt get to finish..

    There is only one freddie but it was a hell of a joy to listen to that voice.. again..

  36. Though Mika doesn’t quite match up to Freddie, I wouldn’t want to measure him up to that standard anyways. Such comparisons are dangerous and should be avoided.

    Regardless of whether he’s as good as Freddie or not, it won’t bring back Queen. Freddie is unique, and same goes for Brian May, Roger Taylor, and John Deacon.

    All four of them made the band what it was, and losing any one of them would have likely led to what happened after Freddie’s death. They could try to go on with a replacement, but again, it wouldn’t be the same.

  37. It’s also funny to listen to Gary Mullen, considered the best Freddie imitator.

  38. Definitely the Second coming of Freddy. The only difference is Freddy was singing “I want somebody to love.” And Mika is singing “Love, love me.” There is a different vibe coming from Mika he is a more happy version of Freddy. Freddy would have been proud. I say he’s got the Chops! A performer in his own right!


  40. Guys, Queen’s first albume was just like Mika’s first albume.
    Happy song, pop, a little bit of rock, just like Life in Cartoon Motion
    ya feel me?

    Mika can be the next Freddy Mercury.
    I’m still waiting for his 3rd album.
    As Queen, maybe it will be EPIC, who knows?

    Just wait, mah friends, Mika is able to do things you can’t imagine.

  41. mhna24: no we don’t feel ya! you sound like you’re 16. There’s more to becoming a legend than having a wide vocal range. Your music has to have a special quality that touches people across all walks of life–it has to move people. This Mika has a great voice but I saw him on stage and he doesn’t have a powerful presence and his music sounds so teeny-bopper…bubbly-gum flaming–it appeals to an audience <25.

  42. Mika is not the second coming or the third coming or ever of Freddie. Stop comparing and finding another Freddie. Mika is crap and will fade away hopefully soon. I’m just annoyed why any serious Queen fan would want a second Freddie Mercury when the first was so spectacular. I wonder if you’re a Queen fan at all or just going with the latest trend. Face the facts–there is only one FREDDIE. And Mika, go away please with your whiny singing.

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