Sexual Innuendo in Advertising

I recently got an invite to add one of my photos to this Flickr group:

Please join this group, and submit advertisements that have (1) blatant sexual imagery, or (2) use sexually suggestive techniques to sell a product or service. The ad must be for a non-sexual product and displayed in a mainstream location (e.g., billboard, bus stop, store display, mass mailing, mainstream magazine, etc.).

I’m not sure if Flickr has the storage capacity to handle all of the sexually suggestive images in our culture.


  1. A great example here would be the new Mini billboards that you can see all over town (“The paint is still wet. You?”).

  2. Have you see the Ford ad that runs almost continuously during Hockey Night in Canada? The one where the stylish couple are riding in the car to the techno music, she takes a sip of water and he taps the brakes to splash it all over her face. Remind you of anything?

  3. James

    I’ve seen that ad many times and wondered at the physics where hitting the brake caused the car to speed up rather than stopping. Now I understand just how much I missed the message.

    Thanks (I think. Maybe.)

  4. um hello look around it is every where, from ads for Parasucco jeans to is in ads for cars, clothes and although i find it pointless FOOD FOOD they are selling FOOOD with SEX they are tagreting the teenage demographic (i am part of it) for example….axe ads (and other perfumes etc), those are for teens, lets spray a guy with something that smells ok and have unbelivablely sexy teenagers go crazy for him..hmm ….then there is the ads for the cell phones, umm..hi..we don’t have sex with them but the sad reality is, it sells becuase it either entices or insults which are the 2 main marketing goals (that we get taught at school) discusting or what??
    it s pointless! but it sells…so it is in everything.

  5. there is an ad around colorado for a harley davidson repair shop that ends with “the best for servicing whats in between your legs”

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