Bye Bye, Productivity

Jeremy Zawodny just threw a monkey wrench into hundreds of projects across the IT industry:

The lack of posting here in the second half of this week (especially to my linkblog) has been a direct result of attempting to beat this highly addictive game.

Whatever you do, please DO NOT click the link and start playing that game. You may find yourself in the very same time warp that I did…

You have been warned.

He was so right. Proceed at your own risk. I’m writing this post while listening to my trusty pellet towers mow down all the bad nasty creeps.

Silly me, I was happy with a score of about 1500 (thanks, Waxy):

UPDATE: Here’s an updated version of the web crack.


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  2. So should I blame you or Jeremy for the fact that my taxes took about 3 days longer to do than they should have?

    Unfortunately (or fortunately, however you look at it) they released an upgrade to the game last night, and, at least in my opinion, the effect is negative — too much randomness, no more of that “if I’d only had a tower right THERE” repeat gameplay motivation, reduction in the number of winning strategies (maze vs. realtime response to enemies), etc. Perhaps with some additional fine-tuning 1.2 will be as good as the old one, but for now it broke my addiction….

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