The Prehistory of the Weblog

Mark points to an interesting CNet article which investigates the question “who wrote the first blog?”:

Barger, a programmer, futurist and James Joyce scholar, is not afraid to say, indeed, he’s the guy who invented the term “Web log.” In December 1997, he created to feature entirely bloggy collections of links to articles about politics, culture, books and technology that he found interesting.

I’ve been reading RobotWisdom on and off for years, but I didn’t realize it was quite so venerable. The article goes on to describe .plan files, which I’d never heard of.


  1. I had a .plan file! I only used it around 2001 or so, and had no inkling to extend on it reverse-chronologically like a blog or anything. It’s what I used to point the nosy people who “fingered” me to my blog to find out even more about me. =P

  2. I had a .plan file once. But Time Berners-Lee’s first web page was essentially a blog, even if he didn’t call it that. Dave Winer, who has his own part in the saga, had a weblog in February 1996 (also not called that), and agrees about TBL. Here’s an archive of a 1992 post, with archives linked below.

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