Second Life in Japan, and Get a First Life in Japanese

A kindly, bilingual fellow named Jun volunteered to translate Get a First Life into Japanese. I’m not sure how the humour will translate, but hopefully people will at least grasp the gist. In any case, here’s Get a First Life in Japanese.

If it looks like gobbledegook, do the following:

  • In Internet Explorer, click the View menu. Select Encoding, then select, then select More and choose Japanese (Auto select).
  • In Firefox, click the View menu. Select Character Encoding, then choose Japanese (ISO-2022-JP).

Coincidentally, next month Second Life is apparently releasing a Japanese language client for the game.

Because my Japanese is limited to “nori”, “edamame” and “salmon maki”, I have idea how to promote the site in the Japanese web. Is there a Japanese Digg?

In unrelated news, tonight I accidentally visited instead of It’s a “Comic & Break Club” in an eastern Asian language with creepy avatars and scantily clad women.


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