Minority Reportesque Hybrid Does 160 km/h, Gets 100 mpg

Metaefficient writes about the VentureOne (that’s one astonishingly bad name), a three-tire hybrid that can go 160 km/h and gets 100 miles to the gallon (sorry to mix systems of measurements, but who thinks in litres to the kilometer?). From the VentureOne website (with the dodgy URL FlytheRoad.com–who’s doing their branding?)

The VentureOne is a fully enclosed vehicle that is surrounded by a steel “safety cell” and other safety features typically found only in cars—things like side impact beams, driver airbag, rear bumper and engine shield.

While the same height and length as the MINI Cooper, the driver in the VentureOne sits as high off the road as a standard automobile. When combined with its 360° glass canopy effect, the VentureOne not only provides a driver with tremendous road visibility, but adds to a sense of overall driving confidence.

They’ve also got a blog (dudes, use clean URLs), which has a bunch of photos from a test drive.

Name aside, this thing looks pretty cool–a lot like those cars in Minority Report, all bulbous glass domes. It’s preferable, obviously, to sit next to your passenger, but I could live with that for shorter trips.

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  1. Stuff like this is always so lovely at the brochure level.


    1) it’s an expensive, clunky motorcycle
    2) narrow delta trikes, no matter how much the body leans, are just asking for ugly vehicle dynamics at the limit (as in snap-flips). I hope they spec stability control
    3) I’m over hybrids. I suspect both the gas-only and EV-only models make more sense in a vehicle like this
    4) I’ll get interested when they show signs of shipping
    5) BMW C1, Ecomobile, VentureOne, Honda Gyro. Can you spot the one that’s different? I can’t…

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