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Over on Capulet’s blog, I discussed Squidoo’s new SquidOffer, a new wrinkle in the online advertising world. From Seth Godin:

So we invented SquidOffers, which I hope will work for us, and which I fully expect will show up in other places soon. The idea is to combine the voting mechanism of Reddit or Digg or Plexo with the text ad mindset of a Google ad. But instead of an ad, it’s an offer.

Make an offer. Pick a category. Pay a small fee ($100 a month). Then, our users vote on the offers. Get a lot of votes and you rank more highly, which means more clicks. And you don’t pay for the clicks.

I created a SquidOffer last week, and a landing page on Capulet’s site for it. I think I picked the wrong category–I should have put it in Business instead of Computers, Gadgets & Tech. Unfortunately, there’s currently no way to edit your SquidOffer, or apply for re-categorization. Maybe I’ll drop them an email.

Additionally, it looks like Squidoo has pre-populated the program with a bunch of popular destinations like Digital Photography Review and Boing Boing. Either that, or they’ve been doing some killer ad sales.

In any case, it means that my little paid-for offer is competing with a bunch of powerful brands that have been apparently included to seed the program. It’s a kind of manufactured marketplace, and that’s not really on.

Regardless, if you’ve got 17 seconds, please go vote up my offer. That requires a Squidoo account, so your mileage may vary. It’s currently ranked about #14, so you’ll have to scroll down a bit.

UPDATE: That didn’t take long. I emailed them a few hours ago, and they’ve already reduced (according to my theory) offerings down to zero votes. Thanks, Squidoo! This enables the paid-for offerings like mine to bubble to the top. That’s until somebody comes along and owns me.


  1. Hi Chris

    The place-holder (Boing-Boing etc) Squidoffers have been zeroed to make it fair to the new Squidoffers.
    Hope this helps

    SquidU Moderator

  2. Cool, that was fast. It will be an interesting experiment to test these offers at least. It’s a shame we can’t edit them like adwords ads – I can see two problems with my ad already.

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