The Surprising Power of StumbleUpon

A while back I wrote an article about memes, using as my case study. In analyzing the stats for that site, I was shocked by the amount of traffic StumbleUpon drove to my goofy satire site. 

I had a similar experience with Get a First Life and StumbleUpon, and got to thinking that I’m not giving the serendipitous social bookmarking site enough attention. So, I wrote an article entitled The Other Monkey in the Jungle:

After that first flush of traffic, the other top sites contributed only the slightest trickle of visitors. On the other hand, StumbleUpon is well on its way to doubling its one-week visitor totals and surpassing the other mega-sites. In the past week, StumbleUpon sent 311 visitors to The other four sites only delivered 157 visitors combined. Digg sent 20.

The numbers are pretty surprising. Consider that in the next couple of weeks StumbleUpon will have sent more traffic to than Boing Boing, TechCrunch or Digg.

Feel free to Digg the article, if you’re so inclined.


  1. andrea: yeah, darren rowse does that too.

    btw, things about stumbleupon on digg absolutely fall flat (it seems). i tried with this post, which was so popular on StumbleUpon it’s sent 20,000 visits my way:

    Is Stumble Upon the Next Google?

    Still, no dice. It seems popularity in one social networking site doesn’t necessarily translate.

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