A Significant Laceration to the Left Cheek

I take a kind of morbid pleasure in reporting on nasty things that occur in the world of figure skating. First, of course, there was the time Tatiana Totmianina pulled a world-class face plant. Then there was Zhang’s awful fall on a quad throw at the Olympics.

We were in Dublin shortly after the Olympics, and having dinner with an Irish friend. She remarked:

They’re saying on the BBC that she fell on her knee. She didn’t. She fell on her faighin.

Look it up.

Regardless, I opened the sports section of the Sun today and was greeted by this photo:

Four Continents Figure Skating TOPIX

If you look carefully, you can see the trail of blood on the ice. The Globe and Mail has a slightly different photo:

Canadian pairs skater Jessica Dube underwent surgery Thursday night to repair a laceration on her left cheek and nose after being hit by partner Bryce Davison’s skate in the free skate competition at Four Continents.

There’s no video on YouTube yet, but I’m optimistic.

UPDATE: And here’s the video. They’re doing camel spins a little too close together. Not for the faint of heart:

As Julie pointed out, at least the fact that his skate hit her face meant that they were spinning symmetrically.

UPDATE #2: Speaking of morbidity and dark humour, somebody else set the incident to a little Frank Sinatra.


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