Malta is Europe Without the Angst

Later this spring, we’re going to spend six months in Malta. Besides reading a Lonely Planet guide book on the subject, I haven’t done tons and tons of research. What the heck–it’s just a foreign country, right? I’m half joking–I’ll get around to more reading before I go.

One thing I have done is subscribe to a few Maltese bloggers. One of them is Robert Metcalf Micallef, who discusses a Washington Post profile of the country from 2003:

Although Malta comprises five islands, only two – Malta and Gozo – are populated year-round (a third, Comino, is primarily a summer resort). Malta stretches 17 by 9 miles and has 370,000 residents, while smaller, sleepier Gozo is home to about 30,000. It’s one of Europe’s most densely populated nations, but it’s not another Hong Kong. Just minutes outside the busy capital of Valletta and its suburbs, I was surprised to see miles of empty fields and terraced gardens roll by my tour bus windows.

We plan to live on Gozo (which, oddly, is pronounced ‘Aw-desh’). Coincidentally, Gozo is apparently about the size of Hong Kong.


  1. I never heard Gozo pronounced ‘Aw-desh’ the entire time I lived in Malta. But it will be an interesting place to live. The island is very scarcely populated and moves slowly. It may be the size of Hong Kong, but definitely does not have the activity! Hope you can get internet there!

  2. Katie: I’ve never been, but all I can tell you is that’s how my guidebook and Wikipedia say it’s pronounced.

    Kenneth: Whoops–that’s fixed.

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