Dublin’s Commitment to Bike Lanes

Joe provides this hilarious example of the city of Dublin’s implementation of cycling lanes. That doesn’t seem very safe at all, does it?

The other thing that I found weird about Dublin’s bike lanes were their length. Some would run for, literally, a block, and then disappear, only to reappear for another block a couple of kilometers down the road.

Joe deserves extra credit for his willingness to put his life at risk on Dublin’s narrow, busy streets. A few months ago he lost a battle with a car.


  1. Actually Darren that was a pedestrian. Jay walkers are actually more dangerous than cars in the city centre. It still hurt, a lot!

  2. If you really want a terrifying experience, I highly recommend cycling to work in Kuala Lumpur. A bike lane would be a dream come true, even one a block long with a pole in the middle.

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