We’ve (Finally) Posted the Northern Voice 2007 Schedule Grid

We finally got our sundry ducks in a row (and there’s a barnyard full) and have published the Northern Voice 2007 schedule for day two, Saturday. As I mentioned a while back, there were more submissions than ever, so we had a ton of tough decisions to make.

There are still a few holes in the schedule which are in the process of being worked out, but we’re 90% there. I’m really excited by the diversity of voices and subject matter that we’ve got on tap. Friday’s day one or ‘Moose Camp’ will also be excellent, as we’ve asked a number of speakers who didn’t fit on Friday to speak then.

We’ve made a further addition to the schedule with a Thursday-night opening reception/party thingee at Heritage Hall. There will be a spaghetti dinner, and Lee LeFever will talk about talking about how he blogged and podcasted his year-long trip around the world.

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