We’re Going to Malta

Azure Window and Blue ChimneyAs I’ve indicated in a couple of previous posts, we’ve been kicking around exotic destinations where we’ll spend six months in 2007. We’ve decided on Malta.

I’ve been telling this news to sundry people over the holidays, and the conversation usually goes like this:

ME: So we’re going to spend six months in Malta in 2007.
OTHER GUY: Malta! That’s really great! Malta! (Long pause.) Where exactly is Malta? Precisely?

It’s a group of islands in the centre of Mediterrenean, with a population of 400,000. There are two populated islands (well, three, but the third is truly tiny and only home to a resort). There’s the main island of Malta and the smaller island of Gozo (pronounced, oddly, áw-desh). We plan to live on Gozo, which is smaller and apparently less touristy.


We’re planning on going in the spring, taking our business with us. It’s a bit of an experiment, as we’ve never moved Capulet, but we’re confident that it’ll work out.


Why Malta?

  • We wanted to live somewhere tropical and hot, because we’ve never done that before.
  • There are direct flights to Europe, the Middle East and northern Africa. This is great for short weekend trips abroad as well as doing business in Ireland and England.
  • Compared to some Central and South American destinations we considered, there’s an incredible diversity of other cultures in close proximity.
  • There is reliable broadband Internet access.


I do feel it’s a bit of a cop-out, and we should have chosen a more adventuresome country. On the other hand, we want to ensure Capulet survives the transition, so better to be closer to existing clients in Europe. The next time we’ll take another step and consider somewhere more exotic.


So What’s the Plan?

We own an apartment here in downtown Vancouver, so we’re going to put that up for sale in early February. In late April, we’ll head off for six months in Malta. When we get back, we’ll rent in Vancouver and start building a house on our property on Pender Island.

So, that’s the plan. I’ve said it before: how do you make God laugh? Make a plan. The nice thing is that if things go pear-shaped, we can always just leave Malta and go somewhere else or come home.


  1. Do countries in general allow non-citizens to set up businesses? I’m just curious (in case I get the urge to move to the Mediterrean as well.)

    Malta looks really beautiful. I think it’s a fantastic idea!

  2. Indeed, though I learned ‘pear-shaped’ across the Irish sea in Dublin. Indeed, I do look forward to the very unusual language–thanks for the links.

  3. Congratulations, Darren & Julie! Malta seems like a great place to spend six months.

    I hope you don’t have much trouble selling your apartment. The market seems to be a bit off at the moment. There are two houses on our street that have been up for sale for a few months without much success.

  4. Juan: The market has gone from red hot to a kind of medium boil. We’re optimistic, given its location in Yaletown and the fact that things are selling pretty promptly in our building. We got our property assessment today, which doesn’t really mean anything, but it was encouraging nonetheless.

  5. I only know three Maltese people, that I’m aware of, and they are all in my family… two uncles and an aunt.
    My mother’s sister married a man from Malta, as did my dad’s sister.
    My dad’s oldest brother married a woman from Malta, too.
    Have fun. It sounds like a great plan, including the home on Pender. I used to live on Saltspring and often miss the simplicity of island life.

  6. Hey Darren – good luck in your travels and experiencing living abroad.

    Be careful what you wish for though – my wife and I moved from Vancouver to Sydney (Australia, not Vancouver Island) 3 years ago for “3-5 years”… We just bought a house here, and currently have no plans to move back..!

  7. I live in Toronto and I have been thinking of moving to Malta to live for a londer time than you are palnning to. So I hope to hear from you on how you do there. Please keep me posted. I’d really appreciate it.
    Good luck!

  8. hey there! i happened to end up viewing this blog about your trip to malta and i thought i should leave a msg 🙂 i’m a typical 15 year-old guy from malta! you’ll probably like it over here.. it’s rich in history, got several beaches you can choose from, feasts during the summer months with spectacular fireworks displays, nightlife (mostly paceville which has lots of clubs, but other venues are also located across the island) I got a couple of pics if you want to view them on my website. Anyway, if you want any advice or help or whatever don’t hesitate to send an email! i would gladly help 🙂 hope you have a wonderful time over here!

  9. Hi I am looking to move to Malta next year if any one can give me some information on whether there are benefits. I am a single parent with 3 children and 2 are special needs so I get benefits for them. Also I don’t work. I am selling up to try it for six months so I will be renting over there. Any info would be great if you can’t help who do I get intouch with to find these things out.

  10. Hi; My name is Lisa. I live in Edmonton and all these posts were over a year ago. I am moving to Malta in July 2009. I am moving with my son and have been having difficulties finding information I need to have him enrolled. He will be 8 and going into Grade 3. My finance has work all over the middle east.

    any information you can give, I truly would be endlessly grateful.

  11. Hi there..

    I just stumbled upon this site and being from Malta (!) i am curious to see how you got on on your trip! I hope you enjoyed it (i take it you’re back home by now) and if you need any help from a malteser, just drop me a line!

    all the best

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