Stamps From the Third Reich

Yes, it’s yet another gem from the storage locker. You’ll be relieved to know that I’m almost through these. I discovered a stamp album which my father or grandfather must have started in the first half of the century. I’d ask my Dad, but he’s traveling at the moment.

It’s got an amazing variety of stamps in it. There seem to be at least one or two from most of the countries around the world. Some are from nations that don’t exist anymore: Bavaria, Indo-China and Transvaal.

Others are remarkably obscure–there are four stamps from St. Pierre and Miquelon and beautiful stamps from Southern Rhodesia. My favourites are probably the unusually triangular stamps from Liberia.

These creeped me out a bit, though. Who knew that I had postmarks of the De Fuhrer in my storage locker?

Third Reich Stamps

 I know nothing about philately, so I don’t know if I have $5 or $5000 in this book. Probably the former. Regardless, I’ll store the stamps along with my comic book and hockey card collection. Perhaps some day they’ll buy us a trip somewhere exotic like Liberia.


  1. Funnily enough I recently unearthed a stamp collection my mother put together when she was very young and it also had these third reich stamps as well as stamps from small exotic locations around the world. Methinks philately was all the rage earlier in the 20th century. Let me know if you’re a millionaire….


  2. Delighted to see another Barefoot has got hooked on stamps. Wonder if we are linked through the same family? There is still a Barefoot family in the UK, not large, but all doing interesting things. I know there are quite a few Barefoots in Virginia and Georgia, and even a couple in Cuba.

    My great-grandfather had a timber-importing business and in the 1930s imported a lot of hardwood from the Belgian Congo. Somehow the stamps from the business mail were saved, and passed on to me when I was a schoolboy collector in the 1960s. Suddenly I had lots of Belgian Congo stamps with butterflies, native masks, exotic animals, not to mention even more exotic native women….it fired my youthful imagination and 50 years on I’ve had a lifetime history of dealing in stamps as a profession. Mainly I deal in Europe, S E Asia, and world collections, plus I’ve compiled a number of revenue stamp catalogues for quite a few countries in the world, to puit back something into the hobby for others. I live in York, England, in a historic house near the city centre, all thanks to stamps. Not every stamp is worth a fortune but knowledge and a few lucky finds does add up to something over the years. It’s a great hobby

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