My Idea for a Short Film: Buggy Drivers of the Future

The other day I thought of a fun idea for a short, fictional documentary (not quite a mockumentary–a fauxumentary?). It would be set 50 years in the future, and would interview elderly people whose jobs disappeared during their lifetime. These interviews would be intercut with grainy, ‘archival’ footage of them doing their jobs 50 years ago.

A friend and I started a list of jobs that will likely be defunct in 50 years. Here’s what we came up with:

  • Projectionists
  • Meter readers (both parking and house, I suppose)
  • Peek-a-booth girls (what’s the right name for these sex trade workers?)

Who else will be out of a job in 50 years?


  1. 50 years? Dedicated projectionists are out of a job like right now. Indeed, the decisive strike in this province happened a couple of years ago. The projectionists, for all practical purposes, lost their jobs right there.

    Of course, I’m highly suspicious that movie theatres will only exist as revivalist “living history” labours of love in fifty years. In other words, the Ridge but not Silver City.

    Taxi drivers are gone in 50 years, along with virtually all other occupations that are essentially driving for a living: the self-driving cars are already on the test tracks, and self-parking cars are for sale at your local luxocar dealer right now.

    Other occupations…professional (human) chess player.

    Don’t forget to throw in one wildcard occupation, like, oh, dog walkers (because the Panamanian Dog Blight virtually wiped out the domestic pet in 2036).

  2. Pianists!

    I was at Pacific Centre at Sears on Monday and the piano there had some kind of machine attached underneath the keyboard, and it made the keys move and music come out. I said to a woman who seemed as surprised as I was, Good thing I didn’t choose that as my profession in the end! I had 13 years of classical piano training and no interest in being a professional, and maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t.

    I remember worrying that guitars and stuff would be replaced by synths, but as long as people love playing guitar like artists like painting or photographing, it’ll stick around.

    Another job: people who process film… and it won’t be 50 years. Just last year I was saying digital doesn’t look as good as film. It’s catching up. (Disagree with me in any way if you like.)

    I saw that self-parking car ad. Boy oh boy.

    People who tell other people directions will either be obsolete or suddenly appear in greater numbers, as people rely on their cell phone or car’s GPS to get them around, and then no longer pay attention to their surroundings so they get lost without the GPS.

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