60 Freakin’ Yards

I don’t write about the NFL very often, but I saw a highlight today that’s worth mentioning. Tennessee kicker Rob Bironasbooted a 60-yard field goall to beat the Indianapolis Colts today:

With the wind at his back, Bironas lifted the longest field goal in his short career over the crossbar for his second consecutive game-winning kick. He became the sixth kicker in NFL history to connect from 60 yards or better.

For the non-football fans out there, a 50-yard attempt is generally considered long and risky. 60 is pretty much unheard of.


  1. Darren: It may be unheard of in NFL but kicking a football 60 yards is no miracle. Many many athletes across the world are are well capable of it.

  2. Brian: Kicking an American football 60 yards in the final minute of an NFL game isn’t a miracle, but it’s pretty darned impressive.

  3. Darren: It is very impressive. But i’d venture to suggest that it’s way more impressive for North Americans and Canadians, who don’t get to see a ball being kicked far very often, than it would be to Europeans .

  4. Brian: Importantly, it’s an oblong ball being kicked far and accurately.

    And it’s really a question of relative accomplishment within a sport. After all, a 95mph baseball pitch doesn’t sound fast to tennis fans used to watching 140mph serves.

    The point is that only 4 other men have kicked an American football this far or farther, in the entire history of the game.

  5. Darren: Effective immediately, I’ll be changing careers and signing up as a field goal kicker for a NFL team. My aim in the NFL next year will be to kick between 5 and 10 goal kicks greater than 80 yards.

  6. Darren: Just an update.. I’v recently put pen to paper on a two year contract with the 49’ers as a field goal kicker. I’ll first have to prove myself within to be their first choice kicker.. but watch this space.

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