I Want to Get On Google’s Christmas List

Via Neatorama, check out what Google’s sending out to its lucky good girls and boys this year:

It’s a digital photo frame… pretty cool if you ask me. Comes with a mini USB cable, power cord, batteries, and an international power adapter. The international power adapter will really come in handy for some other stuff.

According to the instructions, it’s a 960×240 screen and supports JPG images, MP3, WMA or WAV audio files and AVI movies. It also has a SD card reader for extra memory.

I’ve never had one of those digital photo frames. They’ve always sounded cool, but I have a strong aversion to knickknacks and prefer to keep all the horizontal surfaces in my home free from, you know, debris.

So, such a frame would have to go on the wall. But then there’s a big power cord hanging down from frame, which is pretty lame. In the future maybe I’ll get some kind of wifi-enabled custom job where the power cord’s hidden in the wall.


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