Carry Your Dog in a Purse?

This Shouldn't BeWell this shouldn’t be. I mean, I’ve heard of toy poodles and lap dogs, but this is ridiculous. Neatorama points to Alice Hill’s list of 7 weird dog-related innovations. How long before I see one of these hanging off a skinny-jeans-wearing, boots-showing Yaletownite?


  1. It’s actually pretty convenient!
    I’ve seen a woman wearing a chest bag, you know, like the one to carry babies? With a small maltese.

    so cute.


  2. Yeah, but the thing is…

    …babies aren’t supposed to be able to walk. Whereas dogs, well, there are two verbs that free associate in my mind about them:




    This will lead to a tiny-dog obesity epidemic. Mark my words.

  3. derek: a small dog, cannot walk for very long before getting exhausted, hence the bag. 🙂

    Trust me. It’s not to be “girly” we had one for our small pup. 🙂

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