Moo Minicards are Nifty

DSC_0002.JPGI forget how I heard about this offer, but anybody with a Flickr pro account could get ten free mini photo cards from I ordered mine a couple of weeks ago and they arrived today. I picked ten of my photos of Venice, Italy.

They come on a nice thick card stock, with your Flickr photo on one side and personal info on the other. The colour representation is only okay–they all seem a little dark and muddy, but that just might be my craptastic photography skills.

They’re quite small (see one lying on top of my business card), but I like their long, narrow form factor. I’m not exactly sure what I’d use them for–maybe promotion for some particular social media marketing event–but it was kind of Moo to let me (and a horde of other Flickr users) try them out. Apparently they gave away over 10,000 free packs of 10 mini cards.


  1. I got mine today too! But it’s not your “craptastic” skills; some of mine were dark and muddy too, and it seems to be a common complaint in the Moo MiniCards pool.

  2. I received mine last week and was quite surprised at the product and the packaging. After handing out 5 of the 10, every comment has been positive. Seems the idea of giving out a nice photograph with something written on the back is appreciated. It is small enough not to be unwelome.

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