Some Killer Inflation on Canucks Pay Per View

Somebody in the Canucks newsgroup just made an intersting observation about Canucks pay-per-view hockey:

That’s a 42% increase over five years. I couldn’t find an historical data for ticket prices, but I’d imagine they reflect a similar inflation over the same period.


  1. Prices for my upper bowl season tickets:

    2000/2001: $42.80
    2001/2002: $44.94
    2002/2003: $37.99
    2003/2004: Lockout
    2005/2006: $41.20
    2006/2007: $42.14

    YMMV for single tickets and other sections.

  2. Its even worse than you say Ryan….if it goes from 5.45 to 9.40, then thats a 72% increase; 72% of 5.45 = 3.95, which is the increase from 2001.

    The price of success I guess


  3. night one payper view…….i am listening on the radio after paying my 160 …shaw phones busy …no game…i am cancelling and ordering at my convenience….po..ed

  4. When are they going to wise up and give us pay-per-view in High Definition? …then I’d buy the games

  5. Pay-per-view hockey? Its just the beginning. Yup folks, go order your hockey package. You know, the hockey package that you pay good bucks for. That same NHL package that sales people at cable and satellite companies are telling potential customers that they will get every hockey game, including those that are not shown on cable or satellite. Now, despite already paying the extra bucks for games that most other people can’t get, thats still not good enough. Now enters PAY-PER-VIEW and you get PAY-EVEN-MORE. My suggestion, go to the black market and get your self a black box where the filthy rich companies won’t get anymore of your money.

    I see the trend. As the years go by, pay-per-view is going to take a bigger slice, NHL package will die as more and more folks wake up, and black box sales will skyrocket. There are alot of us folks that would much prefer to follow the law, but keep trying to nickle-and-dime (double dipping) customers and in comes the black box. In Vancouver, $159.00 for a mere 17 games?? Thats about what it costs to illegally side-step greedy companies.

  6. Ya know, I wouldn’t mind paying $10 per game if they could get off their lazy asses, and spend some of the money I’ve paid them on putting out HD programming. Thats the complaint. No HD means thousands of angry e-mails, and hours of talk show hosts berating the Canucks management for going into their 5th season of pay per view, and as it looks, no HD. Thats why they get the angry e-mails.

  7. I agree. As much as I love the Canucks, I can’t justify shelling out thirteen bucks for sub par reception when I have invested so much money in hd gear. I am boycotting buying the pay per views until they get their sh** together.

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